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Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b.

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Apple today released the seventh beta of iOS 13 , and an image hidden within the update suggest Apple is going to hold an event to show off new iPhones on Tuesday, September The screenshot was originally found by iHelpBR , and the site points out that a similar screenshot was found last year ahead of the September 12 iPhone event with a September 12 date. September 10 is a very likely date for the iPhone event based on the dates of past iPhone events, and we would be surprised were it not held on that date. Almost all iPhone events in recent history have been held during the second week of September, and generally on Tuesdays.

Last week's Wednesday, September 12 event was an anomaly because September 11 fell on a Tuesday and Apple prefers Tuesday or Wednesday to Monday in order to give members of the media time to travel. We've also heard the September 10 date bandied about from multiple sources that have contacted us. All three new iPhones are expected to debut at the event and see a release shortly after.

With the iPhone event likely to be held on September 10, pre-orders for the new devices could take place on September 13 with a launch to follow on September Apple often releases iOS updates two days ahead of when new iPhones become available, so iOS 13 could be released on September In an annual test comparing Google Assistant, Siri , and Alexa on smartphones, Loup Ventures' Gene Munster found that Siri was able to correctly answer 83 percent of questions, beating Alexa but trailing behind Google Assistant.

Munster asked each digital assistant questions during the test to compare how each one responded. Alexa answered Compared to last year, Siri has seen improvement. During the July test, Siri answered 79 percent of questions correctly compared to the 83 percent of questions answered right this time around. Alexa last year was at 61 percent while Google Assistant was at 86, so there have been digital voice assistant improvements across the board.

This test covered smartphones specifically, comparing iPhones and Android devices. Munster says that smartphones were isolated from smart speakers because while underlying technology is similar, "use cases vary. Questions were based on five categories and all assistants were asked the same questions. Each question set was designed to "comprehensively test a digital assistant's ability and utility. Commerce - Order me more paper towels. Navigation - How do I get to Uptown on the bus? Information - Who do the Twins play tonight?

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Command - Remind me to call Jerome at 2 pm today Siri did best in the command, local, and navigation categories, faring less well in the information and commerce categories. Siri actually won out in the command category, but trailed behind Google Assistant in other categories.

Siri continues to prove more useful with phone-related functions like calling, texting, emailing, calendar, and music. Munster says that the continued rate of improvement "continues to surprise" based on the notable improvements that each voice assistant has demonstrated over the course of the last few years. In the future, Loup Ventures expects to see further improvements from extending the feature sets of each voice assistant.

Tags: Siri Guide , Loup Ventures. Apple today released the seventh beta of iOS 13 to developers, bringing new bug fixes and refining iOS 13 and iPadOS features introduced in previous betas. Now that we're up to the seventh beta, changes and tweaks are getting much more minor, but there are still a few new things worth noting. In a conversation, tap on the "i" and long press on a photo, link, or document to bring up a menu to delete it. You can move them to the trash or mark as blocked and leave them in the inbox the default option.

There's also a new "Help a Friend" option in the Me tab that opens up iCloud.

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Know of a feature that's new in iOS 13 beta 7 that we left out? Make sure to let us know in the comments and we'll update this article. For more on what's new in iOS 13, make sure to check out our iOS 13 roundup. Apple today seeded the seventh betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS to developers for testing purposes, a week after releasing the sixth betas and two months after unveiling the new operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

This beta, like earlier betas, can be downloaded over-the-air once the proper profile has been installed. For the most part, the two operating systems share the same features. Perhaps the most noticeable outward-facing change is a systemwide Dark Mode that changes the entire look of the operating system from light to dark, darkening everything from system elements to apps. Apple overhauled the Photos app, introducing a new Photos tab that curates your entire Photos library and shows you a selection of highlights organized by day, month, or year, and there are revamped Photo editing tools.

For the first time, you can edit video right in the Photos app, cropping, rotating, applying filters, and adjusting lighting and color. There's a new High-Key Mono lighting effect, and for Portrait Lighting in general, intensity can be adjusted.

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A Sign In with Apple feature not yet active gives you a convenient and data safe way to sign into apps and websites, providing an alternative to Facebook and Google sign in options. Apple's even able to generate single-use randomized email addresses so you don't have to give your real info to apps and websites. Maps features a new street-level "Look Around" mode and a Collections feature for making lists of places, Reminders has been entirely overhauled to make it more functional, there's a profile option in Messages along with new Memoji and Animoji stickers, and Siri has a new voice.

CarPlay in iOS 13 has been overhauled with a new look, multiple sets of AirPods or Powerbeats Pro can be connected to the same phone so you can share music with a friend, Siri on HomePod can detect multiple voices for multi-user support, and HomePod also supports Handoff. There are a ton of additional new features and changes coming in iOS 13, and for a full rundown of what you can expect, you should check out our iOS 13 roundup.

Each new beta brings new features and changes to iOS 13, and the sixth beta added a Dark Mode toggle to Control Center, changes to folder transparency, updates to some privacy warnings, new splash screens, and more. Apple today announced that its retail store in Zurich, the most populous city in Switzerland, will be moving at the end of the month. The new store will still be just steps away from Bahnhofstrasse, a main downtown street in Zurich known for shopping. Apple Bahnhofstrasse originally opened in Apple has three other stores in Switzerland in Basel, Geneva, and the outskirts of Zurich.

The move was highlighted by Storeteller on Twitter. Related Roundup: Apple Stores. Apple is searching for a large office in Manhattan with between , and , square feet of space, according to New York real estate site The Real Deal.

One source cited in the report believes Apple may end up securing up to , square feet of space, suitable for up to 5, employees by rule of thumb. Farley Building on Eighth Avenue. While other tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon each have a sizable presence in New York City, Apple has leased a smaller 45,square-foot office on Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District since Apple has also rented a six-story loft mansion on Duane Street in Tribeca to hold briefings with the media.

Earlier this year, the New York Post reported that Apple was in advanced talks for about 60, square feet of space at 55 Hudson Yards. Tags: New York City , Apple real estate. Original story from November follows. Corephotonics , an Israeli maker of dual-lens camera technologies for smartphones, has filed a lawsuit against Apple this week alleging that the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus infringe upon four of its patents. The patents, filed with the U.

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Patent and Trademark Office between November and June , relate to dual-lens camera technologies appropriate for smartphones, including optical zoom and a mini telephoto lens assembly. Corephotonics showed off some of its technologies at Mobile World Congress last year. In particular, it demonstrated software capable of combining the images of two separate camera lenses to create a more detailed picture, including the ability to optically zoom up to 5x with no moving parts.

Related Roundups: iPhone 7 , iPhone 8. Tag: patent trials. Apple last week announced an Apple Card Preview period and has since been rolling out Apple Card availability to many iPhone users ahead of a wider launch. Apple aimed to make the Apple Card available to as many people as possible and there have been reports of people with credit scores in the s being approved, but there are still reasons why someone might get denied. In a new support document shared today , Apple outlines the various reasons why someone might be declined, including low credit score, frequent credit card applications, heavy debt and low income, tax liens, bankruptcy, property repossession, past due debt obligations, a recent checking account closure by a bank, past due medical debt, and more.

Apple's support document has a detailed list of explanations for those who were declined, and when you apply for Apple Card, if you are declined by Goldman Sachs Apple's partner you'll get a reason why so you can cross reference it here for more information. The document also explains how credit scores are determined debt payments, hard credit inquiries, debt level, credit age, open loans, and more , and it details how customers can get a free credit score copy and dispute errors with TransUnion if mistakenly declined for a card.

Apple recommends customers check for common errors that can be included in a credit report if there's an issue. For customers who were declined because their identity could not be verified, Apple offers several recommendations such as verifying that application info is accurate and making sure ID scans when requested are clear and include an ID that's not expired and with a last name that matches the application. When requesting an Apple Card, Goldman Sachs does a soft credit check that does not impact your credit score. Being declined or declining Apple's offer will not require a hard inquiry, which is only done when you actually accept the Apple Card.

Apple says that credit limit is determined by income and minimum payment amounts associated with existing debt, which is used to assess ability to pay. Right now, Apple Card is limited to customers who have received an invite from Apple, but Apple appears to be sending out quite a lot of invitations to those who have signed up to be notified about Apple Card on the Apple Card website.

A wide release for Apple Card could come in the next few weeks. For more on how Apple Card works and what you can expect, make sure to check out our detailed Apple Card guide. Tag: Apple Card Guide. Last week, iPhone repair site iFixit highlighted a new iPhone feature described as a "dormant software lock" designed to prevent customers who get unauthorized battery repairs from seeing the battery health of their devices. Cash rewards are either paid daily into the Wallet app via your Apple Cash digital card if you've signed up for it , or paid on a monthly basis as a credit on your statement balance.

Read Full Article. Announced in June at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 13 is Apple's next-generation operating system for iPhones and iPads, and promises one of the biggest overhauls of Apple's mobile operating system in recent years.

During its WWDC keynote, Apple showcased numerous new features and improvements coming with iOS 13, including a systemwide Dark Mode , new photo and camera capabilities, enhanced privacy settings including a secure login option for apps called Sign In with Apple, a redesigned Reminders app, new Apple Maps features like street-level view, and much more.

The company also unveiled iPadOS — a software update specially designed for iPads with larger displays. Immediately after the keynote, Apple released beta versions of the new software to developers, and the company plans to provide a publicly available beta in July after some bugs have been fixed.

Once the beta testing has finished, Apple says it will officially release iOS 13 to the public as a free software update "in the fall. In recent years, new versions of iOS have gone through anything between eight to 12 betas.

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Apple this week debuted iOS 13 with a ton of updates, including a new dark mode option, major performance improvements, faster Face ID, simpler photo editing tools and a new Photos interface, a Sign In With Apple Privacy feature, a swipe-based keyboard, and tons more. In addition to these features that made it into Apple's keynote event, there are dozens if not hundreds of smaller new changes and tweaks that are included in iOS Below, we've rounded up a comprehensive list of new and notable "hidden" features in iOS We've rounded up all of the rumors that we're heard so far about the features we can expect in each of the new operating systems.

Watch the video below and read on to get a glimpse of what's coming. Many of these rumors have been sourced from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo, both of whom have shared details on what's coming in Below, we'll outline all of the major features that we're expecting, with full details on iOS 13 available in our iOS 13 roundup. Dark Mode iOS 13 will introduce a dark mode for the first time, letting users choose between light and dark themes. There aren't a lot of details on dark mode at this time, but it's expected to be a system wide feature much like the dark mode that came in macOS Mojave.

Apps that are currently light mode only will have darker themes available when dark mode is set, much like Books or Maps, existing apps that have a darker night mode. Leaked screenshots of iOS 13 suggest the Dark Mode option. Safari on iOS has a surprising number of hidden tricks, letting you manipulate tabs, conduct page-specific searches, and more, and not all of these features are immediately obvious due to the gestures involved.

We've rounded up some useful must-know Safari tips that you might not be aware of or may have forgotten, so make sure to check out our video because we bet there's something here that's going to be new to you. You can close them all at once. Just long press right on the "Done" button in the tab view which you can get to by pressing the little icon that looks like two squares and you'll see an option to close all tabs.

Open Recently Closed Tabs - Accidentally closed a tab you didn't want to close? Search Your Open Tabs - With tons of tabs, you might need to do some hunting around to find the specific tab you're looking for, but luckily, a built-in tab search feature makes this easier. Just scroll to the top of your tabs view or tap the top of the screen to jump to the top and you'll see a search bar for searching tabs. Close Filtered Tabs - If you want to close some of your tabs while leaving the rest open, the search feature doubles as a filter.

After doing a search in your tabs, long press on the "Cancel" button next to the search interface and you'll see an option to. When macOS Mojave was announced, Apple warned that it would be the last version of macOS that would support older bit apps. Apple has been phasing out bit apps for the last 10 years and is now ready to take the final step, even if Mac users may not be ready to lose access to older apps.

In September, when macOS Catalina comes out, bit app support will not be available, which means many of your older apps could potentially stop working if they're not updated to bit. Apple has long since transitioned to bit processors and macOS has been bit since the launch of Snow Leopard in Compared to bit apps, bit apps can take advantage of more memory and offer faster system performance.

Apple technologies like Metal only work with bit apps, and for Apple to ensure that Mac apps include all of the latest advancements and optimizations, support for bit needs to end. In the simplest terms, bit apps are inefficient. In High Sierra, users started getting warnings about a bit app's future incompatibility with macOS. A similar message is. You can select Light or Dark mode, or choose to enable them based on the time of day Sunrise to Sunset or a custom-picked schedule. If you long press on the Brightness indicator in Control Center, you can toggle on Dark Mode from there if you don't want to use the Settings app.

Turning on Dark Mode changes the look of the entire operating system, darkening everything from the wallpaper and the Home screen to individual apps. Speaking of wallpaper, iOS 13 has several new wallpapers available, which turn colors from light to dark based on which mode you have activated.

You'll see darker themes in all of your apps, from Settings and Photos to Apple Music. Messages and Phone have new darker interfaces that are easier on the eyes when Dark Mode is activated. Apple has put a lot of work into Dark Mode, and most Apple apps at this time are supporting the feature. Maps already had a nighttime Dark Mode, but now it's activated all the time when Dark Mode is turned on. Dark themes are available in Mail and Apple News. The App Store , the Reminders app, and even the Health app have Dark Mode interfaces, as do other apps like Home though it was already dark and Wallet.

Safari has a dark theme too, but it looks best. The iPhone has been around for more than 10 years, which has given accessory manufacturers time to come up with all manner of useful add-ons that enhance, protect, and charge your iPhone. There are so many iPhone accessories on the market that we can't go through them all, but in this guide, we're highlighting some products that we think are among the best accessories you can get for the iPhone.

We'll be updating this guide over time to add new items, remove old items, and highlight great products we come across, so make sure to check back in from time to time. Cases and Screen Protectors There are an endless number of iPhone cases and screen protectors on the market, and here at MacRumors, we've tested much of what's available. I'm not going to go through every iPhone case that you can get because that list would be endless, but will instead highlight some of the favorites that we've used over the years and some of the favorite brands of our readers.

Apple's silicone cases are grippy, thin enough not to add a lot of bulk, and, most importantly, protective. I've been using silicone cases almost exclusively on my iPhones since the iPhone 6, and through many, many drops, some quite significant, my iPhones have always survived intact.

If you don't like the feel of silicone, which some people don't, Apple also has a great selection of leather cases that are just as protective. Trading in an old iPhone, iPad , or Mac can get you some extra cash to spend on a new device. Depending on where you decide to sell your device, you can get cash back or a gift card for a specific company like Apple, Amazon, or Best Buy. What's most important to know when trading in a device is that there's no one best site or service. There are so many options out there and prices vary based on device and promotions that might be running, so your absolute best bet if you want to do a trade-in using a trade-in site is to spend 15 to 20 minutes doing price checks on some of the most prominent trade-in sites listed below.

Using a comparison site like Flipsy, uSell, or SellCell to compare trade-in prices can also be beneficial when you want to do some shopping around to get the best price for your particular device. Trade-in Options There are generally three options when you have an old device you want to get rid of: Trading it in through a company like Apple or a service like Gazelle, selling it in person via a service like Craigslist, or selling it to a person online through a service like eBay or Swappa. Using a trade-in service is always going to be more simple than selling to a person, but the convenience of doing so will cost you.

You're never going to get quite as much money from a trade-in service as you can get from direct sales, but there are some tips and tricks worth knowing before considering a trade-in. Device Condition Device condition is going to make a huge difference in the amount of money that you're able to get back for an iPhone, iPad,. You can ask Siri all kinds of questions, from simple queries about the weather to more complex questions about everything from sports scores to the number of calories in food. Siri can also enable or disable settings, find content, set alarms and reminders, place calls and texts, and so much more.

This guide covers the basics of Siri, including some of the commands you can use to activate Siri, devices that have Siri included, and devices that support more advanced hands-free "Hey Siri" commands. Activating Siri On an iPhone or iPad, Siri can be activated by holding the Home button on compatible models or holding the Side button on devices without a Home button. On the Mac, you can click on the Siri app icon on the dock or the menu bar, or press and hold the command key and the space bar. Just hold the watch near your mouth and speak.

Siri can also be activated by holding down on the Digital Crown. Cellular connectivity is on the verge of getting a major overhaul with the imminent launch of 5G networks and 5G smartphones. There were questions about whether Apple would be able to secure 5G chips for its devices given its dispute with Qualcomm, but that litigation has been cleared up and the road to a 5G iPhone in is clear.

Apple won't be prepared to launch 5G iPhones in and can't afford to wait until as competitors are already launching 5G smartphones, which makes Apple's 5G year. When most people talk about 5G connectivity, they're talking about mmWave, or millimeter wave spectrum.

Millimeter wave technology offers a lot of open bandwidth for blazing fast data transfer speeds, but it is highly sensitive to interference from buildings, trees, and other obstacles, which has prevented it from being taken advantage of by cellular companies who have previously focused on low-band and mid-band spectrums for cellular networks.

Accessing mmWave spectrum has only become possible over the course of the last few years due to. Samsung in debuted the first folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, which is designed to convert from a 4. Samsung's Galaxy Fold is super expensive and reviewers have experienced devices that break after just a couple of days of use, but foldable smartphones are a trend right now, and a trend that Apple might one day adopt.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold Foldable iPhone Rumors Hints of a foldable iPhone kicked off in when rumors suggested LG display would be mass producing foldable displays for smartphones in and supplying them to companies like Apple and Google. Foldable display concept from LG A rumor kept the folding iPhone concept alive, indicating Apple was partnering up with LG to develop an iPhone with a foldable display.

LG has a number of foldable display prototypes that use flexible OLED panels, including one that folds over like a book and a second that rolls up like a newspaper. Another foldable display concept from LG More recently, Samsung has offered to supply foldable displays to Apple for use in future iPhones, and Apple supplier Corning is working on a foldable glass solution. Corning is a current Apple supplier, and foldable glass from Corning sounds promising for a future iPhone.

What's never been clear is if Apple has a foldable iPhone in active development or when such a device might launch. The iPhone lineup will look like the iPhone lineup with three standard iPhones in 5. Apple in and introduced updated keyboards for its MacBook and MacBook Pro , debuting new butterfly keys with home switches beneath each key that minimize thickness while also providing a satisfying press under the fingers.

Unfortunately, Apple's butterfly keyboards are highly controversial and have been called out as one of the company's worst design decisions due to their penchant for failure due to small particulates like crumbs or heat issues. All butterfly keyboards in MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air models introduced since and in the case of the MacBook have butterfly keys that could be vulnerable to failure, though Apple says the issue has been addressed in new models. What's the problem? Butterfly keys use a butterfly mechanism that's different from the scissor mechanism used for traditional keyboards.

It's called a butterfly mechanism because the components underneath the key resembles a butterfly's wings, with a hinge in the center rather than overlapping like a pair of scissors. Apple swapped to a butterfly mechanism to make a thinner keyboard, which is possible because each key moves less when pressed so less space is needed. The keyboard provides a satisfying amount of travel and stability when each key is pressed, but unfortunately, the thin butterfly mechanism can get jammed up with crumbs, dust, and other particulates, resulting in keys that don't press properly, keys that skip keystrokes, or keys that repeat letters.

Keyboard failure is an in Apple's notebooks because replacing the keyboard requires the. Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. AirPods Guide If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips. Best Camera Apps iPhone If you're looking to take your iPhone photography up a notch, make sure to check these out.

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