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Silver Efex Pro is for making black-and-white conversions and Viveza allows you to make selective brightness, contrast and white balance adjustments. We don't have any change log information yet for version 1.

Download Google’s Nik Collection for free!

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Doxillion is a free document converter to convert pdf, docx, doc, pdf, rtf, html, xml, wpd, odt an. Digsby provides you with IM, email and Social networks in one easy to use application. Instant Mess. Tixati is a peer-to-peer file sharing application, which uses the popular BitTorrent protocol. Dexpot turns your monitor into up to The final photo will now be saved in your computer folders, but will NOT be automatically imported into Lightroom. If you want to do any further adjustments in Lightroom, you can simply import that photo and continue adjusting. The Dfine collection helps reduce noise, and can be fully automated or manually controlled.

This is ideal for underexposed images that would otherwise be full of grain in the shadows! Essentially, they are Google filters for photos.

For example, in case you apply a filter but find that the foliage has become too orange. You can then apply a control point in the area of the foliage and lower the effect of the filter over that area so that it retains its green colour.

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The ability to layer effects gives you more control and endless possible looks. The Viveza collection is ideal for applying selective adjustments, like masking. You use control points once more, but this time you can do a variety of adjustments for specific areas of the photo. The control points are blended into the rest of the image so that you never see an edge to these adjustments.

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This gives you control over specific areas of the photo to create your own look without filters. For those of us who are not comfortable applying filters, this manual control is perfect. Sharpener Pro is for exactly that — sharpening! Within Lightroom, there are two options that appear for this collection. The RAW pre-sharpener is ideal for sharpening before making any other adjustments.

Download DxO Nik Collection for Windows - uxupejikibuv.tk

Integrating it with Lightroom definitely helps add another layer of editing options. The HDR capabilities are impressive and provide a nice user experience. Directly mimicking specific films is a great bonus for film-lovers everywhere. And the Color Efex Pro pack offers variations for landscape photos, especially if you want to bring out gorgeous colours. Register your email and they send you the entire collection for free, immediately. You can also check our step by step guide to creating collections in Lightroom or our tips on using Lightrooms transform tool or Graduated filters tool.

I hate being forced to upgrade the OS. Everything was running fine on Yosemite. Putting out lots of fires the past few days on High Sierra.

  • Download DxO Nik Collection for Mac for Mac - uxupejikibuv.tk;
  • Don’t waste any more time. Visit the Nik Collection website now!.
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So much lost productivity. Thanks Richard for sharing your thoughts. How are you recording the action so that it pauses therefore not causing it to crash?? I've gone as simple as not batch editing my multiple steps, but creating an action for JUST Color Efex and it still crashes. Do you think it's working because you are duplicating the background later and making it a smart object? I dup my BG layer, but I don't make it a smart object. Could you test the theory and see it your work around works without creating it as a smart object?? Thank you! In the action, there is a place to the left of the "Color Efex Pro" step where you can check a box.

Check the box. Then close Photoshop only this one time so that step is saved in Photoshop and doesn't go away if you have a crash. I find that if I want to crop the image or do some other steps that Photoshop still crashes when it recalculates the smart object, so this is what I do - I needed to get rid of the smart object after I was done with it, but still keep it's results. Run the action with the pause in Color Efex Pro to manually tweak.

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Then point to the last step in the action and you're going to add some additional steps to the action - Press the record Button. Click on the layer name and call it "Merged". Click on the icon on that layer icon to make that layer name take. Go down a layer to the smart object layer and delete it. Now, go back to the actions and stop the recording. Now exit Photoshop so it saves the whole action and you don't have to do it again. Now this merged layer can be turned on or off or the opacity changed or you can paint it in or out with a layer mask.

Thanks for the video. Unfortunately, it still doesn't solve my problem which is batch editing my Nik actions.